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Discover startups, services, products and more from our partner StackCommerce. NY Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Getting your pet to the vet is never an easy process — and no, we don’t just mean because of the protest that your four-legged friend […]

Getting your pet to the vet is never an easy process — and no, we don’t just mean because of the protest that your four-legged friend puts up about it.

It can be difficult to schedule an appointment at a convenient time that doesn’t interrupt your day. After all, it’s not like your pet can take themselves in. And over the course of the last year, with many vet clinics closed or operating in a limited capacity, it became even harder to get your pet the care they deserve.

Enter Pawp. You’re surely familiar with telemedicine: the ability to communicate with your doctor or physician without going into the office. Well, imagine the same service for your pet. Pawp, the pet insurance alternative, did exactly that. They created a platform that lets you connect with an online vet on-demand whenever you need it. Text, call, have a video chat — whatever you need to get your pet care questions answered, you can do with Pawp.

Access to the vet is important for the health of your pet. Health check-ups allow a professional to monitor their vitals and keep track of their health over time. These regular visits are essential for screening for disease and other risks that your pet may face later in life. Catching it early is vital to providing treatment. Pawp makes these check-ins easier than ever and lets you talk to a vet immediately if you notice anything unusual with your pet so care can start immediately.

And if the worst happens, like an emergency surgery is required, Pawp has you protected as well. Pawp provides a $3,000 emergency fund that you can access once per year. You can use the fund on up to 6 pets in a household.

When something goes wrong with your pet, don’t waste your time reading online blogs and guessing what the issue might be. Talk to a vet now and get your pet the care and attention they deserve. Pawp is a perfect solution for new pet owners and those who want to have every avenue available to make sure their pet’s health is taken care of. A subscription to Pawp starts at $19 per month. It’s a small price to pay for total peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s health.

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