Pet adoption boom leads to vet backlog, shortage in Hawaii

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Families grew in numbers nationwide over the course of the pandemic, but a predicted baby boom was a bust.

Families instead decided to adopt a pet.

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A total of 12.6 million new pet owners are now creating a backlog at veterinary clinics.

The reasons have mostly been spending more free time at home and working from home, according to Dr. Whitney Pressler from Alii Animal Hospital in Kakaako.

“We’ve seen tons of

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Kittens and Puppies Are Dying In China’s Mystery Box Craze

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blind box china kitten

Animals, some dead, were found to be shipped in cramped crates suspected to be mystery boxes. Photo: Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Association

In China, mystery boxes have grown into a billion-dollar business by promising to surprise their recipients with things like toys and figurines.

But the content of these products does not always delight. In recent weeks, animals including puppies and kittens have been found dead in tiny containers being shipped across the country, sparking outrage.

Chinese merchants have put cats, dogs, hamsters, and reptiles in these mystery parcels, known literally as “blind boxes” in Chinese, and sold them

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Pandemic puppies returned to shelters as COVID-19 restrictions lift

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Rescuing and buying pandemic puppies was all but a trend when the coronavirus first swept the nation last year, and now shelters are seeing that trend fizzle out as the pandemic wanes, with people heading back to their local shelters to return their now-grown dogs.

When the pandemic started, Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue “couldn’t rescue enough dogs to meet the demand,” Aron Jones, executive director of the shetler, told USA TODAY. 

This sentiment is echoed by a multitude of shelters.

Mirah Horowitz, executive director of Lucky Dog Rescue in Arlington, Va., told the Washington Post in January 2021,

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Middletown Adoptable Pets Of The Week: Zoey, Layla, Milo & More

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Do you want to add a new member to your family and give back to the Middletown community at the same time? Adopt a dog, cat or other kind of pet from a local shelter! Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many local animals are still looking for their forever homes and facilities still working to place pets with families.

For those looking to adopt, a great place to begin the search for a new friend is at Meriden Humane Society, where Milo the cat is waiting patiently, or another local adoption center. If you aren’t sure if you have time

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Cinematographer Uses Drones To Rescue Animals Around The World | Douglas Thron

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The Guardian

Idaho is going to kill 90% of the state’s wolves. That’s a tragedy – and bad policy

Fed by myths, fairytales and Disney, America’s demonization of wolves has been going on for centuries, and continues full throttle ‘According to the most recent data, there are only 108 wolves in Washington state, 158 in Oregon, and 15 in California. Wolves are functionally extinct in Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.’ Photograph: Lynn Bystrom/Getty Images/iStockphoto Nothing embodies wildness like wolves, our four-legged shadow, the dogs that long ago refused our campfire and today prefer freedom and risk over the soft sofa and

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