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Now that you have your new dog or cat, the fun begins. The first thing you will probably do is give him a name. This is very important. Start using his name as soon as possible.

It helps to establish your bond with him and alerts him to pay attention to your voice. His name will be used many times a day to call him, to praise him or perhaps to scold him. Pick a name that your pet can easily recognize. He will respond better to a one or two syllable name. Choose a name that is easy to

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You should keep your pet away from these things

Only wicked pet

Just because humans can eat some things doesn’t mean pets can.

The BC SPCA is warning about five different items toxic for pets which they’re more likely to encounter right now.

The items are all seasonal items that become more common during the autumn around homes in B.C.

Humans know not to drink antifreeze, but pets don’t, and even a small amount of spilled antifreeze can be deadly. For a cat a single tablespoon could be fatal, while for most dogs two tablespoons would be enough.

“Keep your pets far away from antifreeze and clean up any spills of antifreeze

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Watch now: The Boneyard, a Madison dog park with beer, wine, cider and tacos | Business News

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The beer garden at one point had about six groups of people, two with leashed dogs; the other four, some with children, came for the drinks, food and atmosphere. The business is just west of the free, city-owned Sycamore Park Dog Park.

The Boneyard

Jacob Powers takes a video of the Boneyard’s beer garden as Allie Powers and their dog Winston enjoy dinner from El Alegre’s food truck. Dogs in the beer garden must be leashed. 

“I think it’s worth the money,” said Ashley Weber, as she watched Liam scramble about. “It’s really cool to have a new

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WATCH NOW: Pet of the Week | Local

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The Paws and Claws Adoption Center in Columbus has four special dogs in need of forever homes or to be fostered — Parker, Chica, Lucy and Diego. Contact Paws and Claws for more information.


Lucy, above, gave birth to nine puppies at the Paws and Claws Adoption Center. With the puppies adopted, Lucy is now ready for her forever home. Parker, below, is a sweet pitbull who likes to cuddle. He is also still waiting for adoption at Paws and Claws.

Hannah Schrodt


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Sweetener xylitol is poisonous to dogs, can be fatal

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The claim: Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs, it can cause liver failure and death

Dogs love peanut butter, but a Facebook post urges dog parents to choose wisely before letting their pet get its paws on this treat.

“Check your brand of peanut butter & ice cream before you give it to your pups,” reads the caption of the post.

The Aug. 31 post features a poster that warns dog owners about xylitol, a sweetener found in some peanut and nut butters, sugar-free items and dietary supplements.

“Dog owners: Xylitol is now being marketed as birch sugar,” reads the

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