Lockdown pet boom creates busy work days for veterinarians

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BATON ROUGE – A COVID pet boom is causing a ripple effect as life gets back to normal.

Appointments to see a veterinarian are scarce after lots of people picked up pets to help ease the stress from lockdowns.

In 2020 alone, the Perkins Road Veterinary Hospital doubled its amount of clients.

“It’s exhausting, it’s a busy day,” Dr. Amanda Maciasz said.

Now, with only so many hours in the workday, the staff are having to see more animals each day than normal.

“It’s a lot of routine care, a lot of skin issues people are home more so they

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Local animal shelters weigh in on nationwide report of owners surrendering their pets

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Erie’s ANNA Shelter is seeing what they say is “an unfortunate” increase of pet owners surrendering their fur babies. This comes after nationwide reports of people returning to work and not having the time to care for their pet.

The ANNA Shelter continues to be a place for animals that are looking for a forever home. With people returning to work after being home during the COVID-19 pandemic, forever hasn’t lasted very long.

“Unfortunately, and I was hoping I wouldn’t see that, but we are seeing more owner surrenders than we have in the past.” said Ruth Thompson, Founder of

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Checking in on pet returns on the Coast

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After hearing many stories of shelters across the country receiving returns of pets that were adopted during the start of the pandemic, News 25 reached out to a local shelter.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter has not had any returns of this nature that they are aware of. The shelter is aware of the trend and will accommodate any animals that are returned.

The shelter was adopting out plenty of pets. They were even down to only 20 at one point. Numbers have since grown to what they’re used to. As of now, the shelter has

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Pet adoption boom leads to vet backlog, shortage in Hawaii

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Families grew in numbers nationwide over the course of the pandemic, but a predicted baby boom was a bust.

Families instead decided to adopt a pet.

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A total of 12.6 million new pet owners are now creating a backlog at veterinary clinics.

The reasons have mostly been spending more free time at home and working from home, according to Dr. Whitney Pressler from Alii Animal Hospital in Kakaako.

“We’ve seen tons of

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Pandemic puppies returned to shelters as COVID-19 restrictions lift

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Rescuing and buying pandemic puppies was all but a trend when the coronavirus first swept the nation last year, and now shelters are seeing that trend fizzle out as the pandemic wanes, with people heading back to their local shelters to return their now-grown dogs.

When the pandemic started, Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue “couldn’t rescue enough dogs to meet the demand,” Aron Jones, executive director of the shetler, told USA TODAY. 

This sentiment is echoed by a multitude of shelters.

Mirah Horowitz, executive director of Lucky Dog Rescue in Arlington, Va., told the Washington Post in January 2021,

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