A list of unusual animal sightings, incidents in the Houston area

HOUSTON — Sunday night’s sighting of a loose tiger in a Houston neighborhood is just one of a recent string of weird events involving animals in our area.

Note: the video above in this story is from April 28, 2021

Other animal sightings, incidents across the Houston area:

At the end of last month, Traffic was at a crawl because of a cow on I-10 East. It was eventually wrangled and moved out of harm’s way.

Later that same day, an alligator was spotted on the Fred Hartman Bridge. How it got up there is anyone’s guess,

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Trial date scheduled in Delta County animal cruelty case

DELTA COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) – A woman charged in a Delta County animal cruelty case could be going to trial, although not until a year from now.

Rebecca Sue Johnson was arraigned virtually in Delta County Circuit Court on May 10. Last August, an investigation led to the seizure of more than 130 dogs and 18 horses from Johnson’s property in Rock.

Johnson faces a felony charge of abandonment or cruelty to 25 or more animals, as well as a misdemeanor charge for operating an unregistered animal shelter.

In court, Johnson stood mute on both charges. The court entered not

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Animals used in sport need more than viral videos to prevent abuse

Some sports are specific to certain regions and thus gain a cultural cachet that those regions exploit. Ban’ei keiba, a form of racing that features large draft horses pulling heavy sleds over a straight course, is unique to Hokkaido, a by-product of agricultural life there since the island was opened to development in the 19th century.

With the possible exception of its central role in the award-winning 2005 feature film “What the Snow Brings,” ban’ei racing has attracted little attention outside of Hokkaido, and even within the prefecture its star has been fading. Once there were ban’ei race tracks

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Photos of Love in the Animal Kingdom

Goran Anastasovski is a Macedonian photographer who has spent over 15 years working to capture the character of animals in his photos. One of his ongoing projects is to show tender love across animal species.

“I have been doing photography since 2006, and I like to photograph animals the most,” Anastasovski tells PetaPixel. “I want my photos to show the character of the animals. Even though some photos may just look like a portrait, I think in every photo there is a part of the character of the animal I photographed.”

While many wildlife photographers may embark on photo

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Are tigers allowed in Houston? What you need to know about owning dangerous wild animals.

An off-duty Waller County sheriff’s deputy who happened to be nearby came face-to-face with the predator when it paced toward him crossing the street near the home in the Energy Corridor area. No one was harmed, but the caretaker rushed the animal away in a car as police arrived.

The owner’s home is in city limits, where wild animal ownership is mostly prohibited, according to city code. Some exceptions include animal hospitals, public zoos, or shelters where the animal is being kept for the purpose of being transferred to a refuge or sanctuary.

BARC animal control officers are assisting

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