11 Actors Who Adopted Their Animal Co-Stars

Some actors walk away from a recently wrapped film with a new hairdo or a stolen prop. Viggo Mortensen occasionally leaves with a horse—and he’s definitely not the only one. From Sophie Turner’s direwolf to Audrey Hepburn’s deer, here are 11 actors and the lucky animal co-stars who got to go home with them.

1. Sophie Turner

In Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner’s onscreen affection for Sansa Stark’s pet direwolf wasn’t all acting. “Growing up I always wanted a dog, but my parents never wanted one,” she told CoventryLive in 2013. “We kind of fell in love with my

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An Animal Friendship Thought to Have Ended 250 Million Years Ago Is Still Flourishing Off the Coast of Japan

Off the southwest coast of Japan, a group of animals has been coexisting in a close relationship that researchers thought didn’t exist in the modern age. The team of researchers from Japan and Poland found a sea lily—which, despite its name, is an animal and not a plant—hosting coral and sea anemone species on its stalks, in an unexpected case of symbiosis. These creatures were last seen hanging out together in fossils that predate the evolution of the first T. rex, so the discovery that their friendship is alive and well was a happy surprise.

The 2-foot-tall Japanese sea

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Hundreds of animals, dozens of species found malnourished, resorting to eating tree bark on Norman ranch

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – More than 300 exotic and farm animals, 80 different species in all, were seized from a farm in Norman after authorities alleged the animals were so hungry, they were eating the bark off of nearby trees.

Now the owners could be forced to pay more than $100,000 to Cleveland County.

The Animals of Rock Creek Farm is located near E. Rock Creek and 60th, but its cages are now empty.

Neighbors told News 4 that in the past two weeks the quiet stretch of

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These Are the World’s Deadliest Animals, According to Data

The countless creatures that make up the Earth’s animal kingdom often appear as ferocious as they do fascinating. But while coming face-to-face with a great white shark or a deadly cobra is a terrifying scenario for most of us to imagine, the truth of the matter is that even the scariest looking beasts roaming the world’s wildest terrain or sleekly swimming through its vast oceans are rarely out to hurt people—at least not for the sport of it, that is. Something that, unfortunately, definitely can’t be said for human beings. Still, we wanted to see which animals kill the most

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Woman’s death, along with deaths of several animals, under investigation in Wolcott | News

WOLCOTT, CT (WFSB) – The death of a woman and the deaths of several animals are under investigation in Wolcott.

Police said they were called to 32 Spring Rd. over the weekend.

They said that the woman’s death does not appear to be suspicious.

The death of a woman and the deaths of several animals are under investigation in Wolcott.

The home was described as being disgusting and full of animals both dead and alive.

Police said they removed 53 cats, 12 of them dead.

Several other animals were said to be in need of medical attention, including a dog.

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