15 animals found dead, others severely abused in Phoenix home

A woman was arrested in connection to “one of the worst hoarding scenes” Arizona Human Society investigators say they’ve seen so far this year.

AHS says their investigators, along with Phoenix Police, responded to a case involving several abandoned animals on April 18.

AHS says a 3-year-old female Great Dane named Pandora was found locked in

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Animal rescues face lack of fosters, uptick in surrenders as pandemic wanes

A puppy stands on a chair at its foster’s backyard. (FOX 9)

Last year in the heart of the pandemic, animal adoptions and foster volunteers went through the roof, but now the response is slowing down even though many pets are still in need of a forever home.

Currently, Ruff Start Rescue has about 150 animals available on their website. A year ago, they had about 30 to 40.

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Humans Have Shared Food With Animals for Centuries. Why Is That?

Researchers want to learn more about the connections between humans and the feeding of birds, beasts and other fauna. (Guy Billout/The New York Times)

In England and America, selling bird seed for feeders is a big business. In Delhi, people toss bits of meat into the air for black kites. Fleets of ships ply the oceans to catch fish for domestic cats, the descendants of predatory land animals.

Humans feed animals all the time, whether it’s our pets, the chickens we plan to eat or the ducks at the park pond, even though we shouldn’t.

Throughout history in fat years

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Death of cat in Cambridge neighborhood may be linked to two other assaults on animals, investigators say

The MSPCA now believes the brutal death of Gosha, a cat discovered last week in Cambridge bound by its hind legs with 11 BB gun shots in its body, may not be an isolated incident, the animal welfare group said Tuesday.

In a statement, the group said there are “striking similarities” between the Gosha case and an earlier attack of another cat in East Cambridge on March 4, as well as a third cat named Buddy “who went missing in early May and returned on May 5 suffering from some kind of burn.”

“Post-mortem testing on Gosha confirmed that he

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What animals can teach people about being ‘good creatures’

Q. You published the best-selling “How to Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals” in 2018. What inspired you to adapt the book for young kids?

A. My sainted and brilliant editor [at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt] Kate O’ Sullivan suggested it. The memoir for adult readers shared how 13 individual animals helped me meet life challenges, from finding my passion to coping with despair. We adults sometimes forget that small children face equally difficult and important challenges. Kate helped me see that the animals who saved me could also help young people in their struggles to become good

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