Insight: What animals are prohibited to own in Denton? | Insight Denton

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If it’s venomous, a bird that can’t fly or a feline that’s not commonly domesticated, chances are you can’t legally own it in Denton.

Denton’s City Code Chapter 6 outlines local law about animals, including the prohibited animals you can’t keep as pets.

“Rarely do we get calls about [prohibited animals],” said Nicole Heyer, a supervisor at Denton Animal Services. “We have recently received one about a fox that is owned.”

Generally, you can’t own a prohibited animal, but you can get a permit to own one through the Animal Services Unit. These permits can be issued to zoos, research

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‘Animals who aren’t perfect make wonderful pets:’ Palm Beach County couple adopt dogs with disabilities

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PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Sometimes the experiences that hurt the most can welcome in the biggest opportunity for love.

Husband and wife Mike Carroll and Dr. Ginnie Sayre are generous with their love when it comes to animals.

“We have got a small zoo, one of everything, we have a cat, a couple dogs, and a couple tortoise, a rooster and a horse,” Sayre said.

Sayre is a veterinarian at an area shelter where she knows, if she fosters or takes in a pet, it will be at the ranch to stay. Several years ago, they fell in love

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Wilson man’s cattle seized for animal cruelty

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – A Wilson man was charged with animal neglect after the Carter County Sheriff’s Office received calls about starving cattle.

Timothy Nipp’s first court appearance was Tuesday.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said it isn’t the first time his office has looked into calls about Nipp’s cattle. Bryant said he gave Nipp several months to fix the problem, but when they came back to seize the animals, ten were already dead or dying.

“Every animal neglect case is worthy of an arrest,” Bryant said. “What we did, is we did the investigation, did everything we could to

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What went right this week: UK animal rights win, plus more positive news

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Research revealed global reforestation successes

A welcome change from headlines about deforestation was the news this week that the world has gained an area of forest the size of France since 2000. The regeneration doesn’t nearly offset losses suffered during that time, but it does highlight the potential for forests to recover. 

Using satellite imaging data and physical surveys, researchers discovered that nearly 59m hectares of forest had regrown globally since 2000. In Brazil, where deforestation in the Amazon has soared recently, the Atlantic Forest was found to have expanded by an area roughly the size of the Netherlands. 


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Wichita animal rescue groups seeing influx of surrenders, less fosters

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Animal rescue groups in Wichita are seeing a wave of animal surrenders as people return to work.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people adopted animals for companionship during lockdown, especially puppies.

Founder of Beauties and Beasts, a Wichita-area, dog rescue group, Amy Heggestad said that when some people adopt puppies, they are not socialized by their mothers – causing issues that make people end up surrendering their animals.

“People can’t correct a puppy like a mother can correct a puppy. So that’s a huge issue with people getting puppies that are too young. They lack

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