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Safari Park tigers mark 3rd species believed to be infected with COVID-19 in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Sumatran tigers are the third species at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park believed to have been infected with COVID-19.

News of the suspected cases in the group of tigers came less than a week after a second snow leopard was said to be infected, and a troop of gorillas also suffered from the virus in January. Here’s what we know as the zoo works to vaccinate all of its susceptible animals.

Gorilla troop tests positive

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Online pet licensing now offered by Joint Animal Services | The JOLT

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By Kristine Javier

Pet licensing is now available online through the Joint Animal Services Commission’s website. 

Joint Animal Services Board Member and Tumwater Councilmember Michael Althauser announced their new online services during the regular Tumwater city council meeting on Monday, August 2. The councilmember shared that pet owners’ can sign-up, renew, or update their license information at online licensing services

Prior to the online licensing system being introduced in mid-July, pet owners needed to call or visit Joint Animal Services to license their pets. 

Pet licenses are required for all dogs and cats within the city limits of Olympia,

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Kentucky wildlife rehab center needs your help so they can help more animals

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HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – A wildlife rehabilitation center in Harrison County cares for hundreds of animals every year, but they’re hoping to increase that number with an expansion to the center.

Grit and Grace Wildlife Rehabilitation Center cares for two to three hundred animals every year. However, they’ve hit their cap and that’s why they’re looking to expand and need your help.

Jamie and Terry Rowe started Grit & Grace Wildlife Rehabilitation in 2017, but Terry said she has been doing this type of work most of her life. At their rehabilitation center, they take care of all kinds

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Reduce Pet Separation Anxiety With Tips and Tricks From a Delaware Vet

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Adobe Stock/jomkwan7

Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Dr. Madhulal Valliyatte, Chef Veterinarian at Delaware SPCA, addresses your concerns.

Q. After a year-plus of quarantine, my pets are used to having me around. How can I help them adjust now that I’m returning to work, and what are the signs of separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety in pets involves a physiologic response to the stress of isolation or separation from a particular owner. The signs may include hypersalivation, urination, defecation, vomiting, panting, self-mutilation, destruction, attempts to escape, aggression, pacing, vocalization and immobilization.

Dogs with separation anxiety are often hyper-attached

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Animal Shelters Grapple With Surge In Surrendered Animals

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Animal shelters across the country are reporting a surge in surrendered animals. That’s true in central Illinois, too. Shelters throughout the region have seen a significant rise in numbers, leading to overcrowding in many facilities, prompting many in the shelter industry to ask: What’s going on?

According to the American Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPCA), pet adoption soared during the pandemic, with 1 in 5 families bringing a new pet into their home. But as COVID restrictions ease and people head back to work, shelter managers have started to wonder if families are giving up their so-called pandemic

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