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Bald Eagles Are Back. And They Want to Eat Your Pets.

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The bald eagle population has made a remarkable comeback. But the majestic symbol of American pride is turning out to be a nuisance, especially in Canada.

Flocks have been spotted along highways in the Pacific Northwest, feasting in a landfill in Vancouver. Earlier this year, a ravenous raptor stalked and killed a seagull in front of shocked onlookers at a busy Vancouver golf course.

Dignity, my fellow American eagles.

With an 8-foot wingspan and a distinctive snowy-white head, America’s national emblem conjures feelings of patriotism and reverence.

“You’re in awe every time you see one,” says Jeanine Pesce, who recently

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Animals adopted during pandemic are being returned at high rates

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The American Veterinary Medical Association reports a 60-percent spike in pets taken to shelters.

As people return to their routines and head back into the workplace, we’re seeing a sad consequence of that return to normalcy.

Pandemic pets — lots were adopted at the beginning of the COVID outbreak — are now being returned or even left to fend for themselves at alarming rates in some places.

It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now many people who turned to pet adoption to avoid loneliness during the pandemic are abandoning those same furry friends.


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Raccoon River Pet Rescue Donations Start Today | Raccoon Valley Radio

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Raccoon River Pet Rescue Donations Start Today | Raccoon Valley Radio – The One to Count On

The “Fill Roxy’s Cart Event” with Raccoon River Pet Rescue and Perry Hy-Vee kicks off today for people to make donations.

Now through  May 18th people can go out to Hy-Vee for the “Fill Roxy’s Cart Event”. Those participating will be able to pick up pre-selected items at the checkout counter. Items include dog treats, dog toys, catnip and paper towels, among other items. You can pick as many items as you’d like

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Edison NJ man alarmed by strange animal sighting in backyard

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EDISON – Jeff Repace isn’t sure what he’ll find in his yard when he gets home after a neighbor reported a strange animal, possibly a coyote or fox, climbed the fence into his yard Friday morning.

He’s especially concerned because he has two small dogs that’s he’s afraid to let out because wild animals can be quick to attack.

On Friday morning Repace said his partner received a text from their neighbor who spotted the animal in their Clara Barton section yard. 

“It looks like a coyote to me,” Repace said of the photo his neighbor sent. “It looks like

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Could Pet Stores Save Shopping Centers?

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In the course of the coronavirus pandemic, many people found themselves stuck at home. Not only did many companies shift employees over to remote work, but safety concerns made it that many people opted not to travel much over the past year — a trend that’s battered hotels.

But all of that time at home fueled a very interesting trend: pet adoption. According to PetPoint, the rate at which pets were rescued from shelters increased 12% year over year in 2020 after several years of remaining relatively flat or even dipping. And while not everyone who got a pet during

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