Sensor created for human diabetics works on animals with diabetes

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Diabetes is difficult to treat in the best of circumstances. Even in humans who recognize the danger of allowing their blood sugar levels to become out of control, diabetes can be mismanaged. The constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and dealing with diet and exercise becomes exhausting.

Now consider the trials that a pet owner goes through when their pet is diagnosed with diabetes. Pets do not understand and cannot be told the importance of following the treatment plan. They may not like the new food they are required to eat. They don’t appreciate the feeding schedule that

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Taking care of aging pets: Part 2

Illustration by Jacqui Oakley

Editor’s note: Click here for part 1 of “Taking care of aging pets.”

As pets age their needs increase. Dogs are considered “senior” at around 7 years old, and even earlier for large-breed dogs, while cats fall into that category around the ages of 9-12. Our furry friends hit the geriatric mark at approximately 10-years-old for dogs (again, earlier for larger breeds) and 14ish for cats.

Just like with humans, dogs and cats experience changes as they age, including with their metabolism and activity levels, which means they can start packing on the pounds quickly,

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, Canidae Partner for Sustain the Goodness Campaign

Press release: Canidae

Canidae, a premium pet food company, today announced a partnership with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, animal advocate and New York Times bestselling author, for the launch of its new Sustain the Goodness campaign and environmentally friendly alternative pet food line, Canidae Sustain, in preparation for Earth Day 2021This initiative perfectly exemplifies Canidae‘s pursuit to improve the lives of pets and their people and investment in creating a healthier planet for pets and people to play on. Sustain the Goodness is one of many steps Canidae is taking to deliver goodness to all: pets, people and

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So your dog ate a cicada: What to know about Brood X and pet safety

Are cicadas poisonous to pets? And other questions answered. 

Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

I have two excellent dogs. Their combined 100 pounds of muscle and fluff patrol the backyard with chaotic exuberance. It’s their domain. They bark at falling leaves, they chase, but thankfully never catch, squirrels — and they gobble anything they find with delightful, horrible abandon. 

Large parts of the eastern United States are about to experience Brood X, including where I live in Kentucky. Brood X is a billions-strong swarm of cicadas set to emerge from a 17-year subterranean slumber next month. This won’t be my first

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If You’re Returning To Work IRL, Begin Adjusting Your Pet’s Schedule, An Expert Says

Good morning, L.A. It’s April 13.

LAUSD reopens its doors to the youngest students today, and as it does so, officials are also recommending that students spend a few extra weeks in the classroom during the 2021-2022 school year.

Superintendent Austin Beutner announced the recommendation during his weekly address, held yesterday. Officials are proposing adding one extra week of class in August, and one fewer week of winter break.

Beutner said the suggestion is based on the need to make up for lost time during the pandemic.

“We surveyed families, and the majority expressed an interest in extending the school

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