How to Help Pets With Post-COVID Separation Anxiety 2021 | The Strategist

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As eager as we are to get vaccinated and back to our normal, pre-COVID lives, we’re also facing some unique post-quarantine concerns — like brushing up on basic social skills after not seeing friends in person for over a year. But it’s also a big deal for pets: After growing used to having us home all day, many of our pets may experience separation

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How Much Do These Unusual Pets Actually Cost?

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People and animals have long cohabitated with one another for both survival and friendship. While cats and dogs are what come to mind when we think of getting a new pet, many people are drawn to more exotic and unusual pets that might stretch the boundaries of typical pet expectations. From rodents and reptiles to mammals and marsupials, exotic animals often fetch a hefty price for pet owners with particular tastes.

Find Out: How Your New Cat or Dog Will Impact Your Wallet

While the animals on this list are legal in some states, many

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Canidae launches sustainable dog foods, partners with celebrity animal advocates

STAMFORD, CONN. — Premium pet food producer Canidae announced April 13 a celebrity partnership with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt entailing a sustainability campaign and the launch of a new eco-friendly pet food line, Canidae Sustain™.

Schwarzenegger Pratt is a New York Times best-selling author and animal advocate, and is also known for being environmentally conscious in her lifestyle. The partnership and launch were announced ahead of Earth Day 2021, which many pet food and treat brands are leveraging as an opportunity to showcase, pledge and share their sustainability stories as consumers increasingly look to more environmentally friendly products.

Canidae Sustain is

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Living with coyotes |

Living in a town so intertwined with nature allows residents to hike desolate trails, ski wide open slopes and swim in crystal clear waters. With the privilege to reside in the wilderness comes the responsibility of sharing with non-human inhabitants.

Online apps and websites like Nextdoor have become the hotspot for people sharing their likes, dislikes, misinformation and fear of wildlife. One animal that has made a common appearance on the page sparking discussion is the coyote. Wildlife organizations constantly urge residents and visitors to get educated and coexist with the region’s wildlife.

Coyotes are native to the area and

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Pet Stampede to help Hospice patients

Circle of Life Hospice presents the virtual Pet Stampede benefit walk to begin April 17 and conclude May 17. Organizers say: “Leash up your dog, strap your cat in a harness, throw your bearded dragon in your fanny pack and start walking. There is no limit on how long or far to run, just enjoy the time with your family and pet.”

Proceeds from the walk will benefit Circle of Life’s Pet Peace of Mind program. “Pet Peace of Mind enriches the quality of life for our hospice patients and the pets they love by helping with vet appointments, walks,

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