Wisconsin hunters exceed wolf target by nearly 100 animals | National News

FILE – This July 16, 2004, file photo, shows a gray wolf at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn. Wisconsin wildlife officials opened an abbreviated wolf season Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, complying with a court order to start the hunt immediately rather than wait until November. The hunt will run through Sunday, Feb. 28 across six management zones.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin hunters and trappers killed nearly double the number of wolves that the state allotted for a weeklong season, and they did it so quickly that officials ended the

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Animal shelter staff put pets before themselves in Texas winter storm

Lucy Fernandez scrambled to create the emergency Facebook page for local pet owners and supporters on Valentine’s Day, when the city of Austin’s Animal Center had been closed to the public for months and bad winter weather, worse than most imagined, was on its way.

In a matter of hours, more than 1,000 strangers joined, often linking up by hashtag and ZIP codes, to get pet food, water and supplies to those nearby who posted a need.

Not long after, Fernandez and other employees at Austin Pets Alive, found themselves sleeping at a hotel, and then at the shelter

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Are Dogs or Cats Better for the Mental Health of Seniors?

Source: Bicanski/Pixnio CC0

There is already a lot of data which has indicated that living with a pet dog is improves both psychological and physical health. The current global pandemic has shifted the spotlight onto whether pets improve the welfare of older adults who are now more socially isolated than ever. Unfortunately there is a long history of studies which indicate that social isolation in later life is linked to various adverse psychological and health-related outcomes, such as cardiovascular impairment, chronic pain, loneliness, and depression. A number of writers, especially those in the popular press, have suggested that pet ownership

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After year on job, Audubon veterinarian still waiting to see client’s faces but keeps positive outlook

Within two weeks, the entire state of Minnesota was staying-at-home due to a dangerous pandemic and the pet health business landscape has never been the same.

Dr. Sara Mattson, veterinarian at Aurochs Veterinary Services, in Audubon, doesn’t know when her pet practice will return to normal with in-person clinic visits, but she is staying positive and is ready to celebrate her first year of owning her own business with an online photo contest on the clinic’s Facebook page.

“I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was little,” said Mattson. “I grew up on a farm in North Dakota

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Humans are animals. We need to get over it.

It’s astonishing how relentlessly Western philosophy has strained to prove we are not squirrels.

(Tim Enthoven | The New York Times)

Humans Are Animals. Let’s Get Over It.

If one were to read through the prefaces and first paragraphs of the canonical works of Western philosophy, one might assume the discipline’s primary question to be this: What makes us humans so much better than all the other animals? Really, it’s astonishing how relentless this theme is in the whole history of philosophy.

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